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The Integrity Award was presented to Joe Greene by American Century, 2000.

Joe Greene Integrity Award, Greene Marketing LLC, American Century Integrity Award

Leading Edge Digital Thinker

Executive Vice President

“While at Digitas, I had the pleasure of serving Joe as my client at American Century. Joe's high standards, deep insight into the psychology of investors, and his practical sense of where to focus helped us generate some of our best work for a client with limited budget. He proved to be a leading edge thinker on the impact of digital marketing in the mutual funds business, and also helped the sector more broadly as President of the Mutual Fund Marketing Association. I would be delighted to share more details of our work together.”

Strategic Thought Leader, Segmentation and 1:1 Marketing

Marketing Manager

“When I worked for him, his thought leadership, focus on 1:1 marketing, and championship of the test, learn, apply approach, directly resulted in our team being a contender for the DMA’s Echo award. He is a great mentor in strategy, segmentation, database modeling, and using analysis to inform marketing decisions. Whether it’s acquisition, cross-sell/upsell, lead generation, retention, or loyalty programs, Joe can guide a team to success and prove the contribution of marketing to an organization’s business objectives. I would welcome the chance to work with Joe again.”

Mentor/Leader Problem Solver Delivering Bottom Line Results

Senior Manager

“As my direct supervisor, Joe was great teacher with a strong focus on strategic implementation, problem resolution and execution. He was an extremely hard worker with keen understanding of the bottom line. In addition to being a great mentor, he is a really good person who understands the balance between deadlines and personal/family demands. Joe is an asset to any organization or project in which he is involved.”

Strong Knowledge & Presence, Insight & Strategy Development

SVP, Director of Experience Planning at Bernstein-Rein Advertising, Inc.

"I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Joe in developing a strategic marketing approach for a current client. In an effort to help our client expand their business to a new target, Joe brought an in-depth understanding of both the marketplace and audience. His insights led the strategic path for our client presentation, and his presence and knowledge added credibility to our presentation as a whole."

Corporate Brand Identity Development with Top 10 Results

VP, Retirement Solutions at Great West Financial

"Joe is a great people person, skilled at developing strategies, and helping his team take projects from concept to delivery. Joe was the leader of the development of our new brand identity that resulted in a top 10 brand recognition status. He built a robust marketing team and added strategic thinking to his sales and operations partners. I know Joe likes to be personally involved in planning and implementation, and takes ownership of his work. As a member of the senior executive team, he was responsible for the growth of our Individual and Group Retirement strategies and sales. Joe has proven to be an individual with strong values and ethical standards. I personally recommend him with the highest level of confidence."

Innovative Marketer Driving Significant Results

Director of Marketing

“Joe is one of the most talented direct and database marketing professionals with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. At American Century, he led innovative marketing initiatives that generated significant, positive business results for the company. He is an exceptional leader with a track record of building and leading successful teams, and won a company award for his reputation for integrity.”

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