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We offer top brand, CMO level experience and expertise for businesses of all shapes, sizes and budgets.  Based on our three-step process, "Identify, Develop, Deliver," we create a strategy specific to your needs and provide a solution to drive business results.

Greene Marketing LLC
Greene Marketing LLC
  • Market, competitor and customer/client research
  • Data and Information Analysis
  • Planning
  • Insight and strategy formulation

  • Market and customer/client segmentation

  • Brand/corporate identity strategy and planning

  • Product strategy

  • Integrated marketing strategy and planning


  • Marketing plan and strategy

  • Brand execution

  • Integrated marketing

  • Direct/database marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Product development and management

  • Social media

  • Advertising and media plan

  • Internal/employee communications

  • Crisis communications

  • Reporting/results management

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