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Joe Greene

Founder of Greene Marketing, LLC, Joe Greene, believes in making CMO-level skills and expertise available to businesses of all industries, sizes, and budgets.  Greene Marketing, LLC, offers unique, customized solutions that strategically drive results for your business.


Joe began his journey over 30 years ago as an English Literature major at Hamilton College.  Following a few short years in the New York investment management business, realizing his unique understanding of both finance and marketing, he fine-tuned his skills with an MBA in both disciplines at Columbia University.


From there, Joe continued his journey through the financial services industry with the internationally renowned brand, American Express.  After 5 years of successfully managing products and services for AmEx, Joe sought out further challenges as VP of Marketing for Chase Manhattan Bank, where Joe was responsible for driving actionable customer segmentation for the regional bank’s NY tri-state area.  Already familiar with Joe’s abilities, and now recognizing his ongoing success, American Express rehired Joe as the Senior Director of New Customer Acquisition Marketing after a short year and a half with Chase. 


Following Joe’s second tenure with American Express, he began to further solidify his reputation as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for American Century Investments in Kansas City.  During his almost-seven years with American Century, Joe chaired several industry boards of his peers and had established with certainty that his true passion was for developing insight-driven strategy that, in turn, drives results.  This sparked his desire to seek experience outside the corporate and financial services world as he accepted a position as the VP of Strategy and Business Development for Bernstein-Rein Advertising, “one of the largest independent ad shops in the country.” 


As his knowledge of agency-based work grew, so did his love for it.  Joe quickly was promoted to Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning where he served both the organization and it’s clients.  Following his seven and a half year voyage with Bernstein-Rein, Joe found himself returning to the financial services world as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Great-West Financial in Denver, Colorado.


After years of experience working in a number of industry verticals for large name brands, it was in Denver that Joe realized, “this is a place I can call home.”  Having been presented with an award for Integrity by his colleagues, Joe believes that CMO-level marketing and strategy expertise should be available to businesses of all sizes, and of all budgets.  That’s why Joe created Greene Marketing, LLC.  In order to provide all businesses the same level of skills and expertise that is afforded to large international brands, Joe created his own consulting business knowing, from his client-side senior and executive marketing days, that all businesses should get the maximum value from the marketing dollars they spend.  In addition, Joe is a proud member of the "Westmeath Netsortium," a hand-picked global eco-system of communications and marketing professionals collaborating to raise the standard of the profession.

Joe Greene


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